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If you would like to purchase any of our products, please have a look at the price list for the cuts available and prices.

To order, please send an email to

In the email please tell us the quantity of steaks you would like or the approximate weight you require (for a roast). We’ll reply to confirm availability, cost and delivery/collection options.

Our burgers are sold in 4 x 4 oz and are available here on the farm or from ‘Coleman’s’ Garden Centre, Templepatrick or ‘Sweet and Savoury Deli’, Hollywood. They contain 91% meat and include allergens wheat, soya and sodium dioxide. 

What People are Saying


It was a fantastic piece of steak…deep in flavour and soft to the last bite.

-D. Coleman, Manchester


Fabulous, better than fillet or any other beef I have ever had, meltingly unreal.

-R. Kennedy, Ballyclare

Various steaks

I have just cooked a sirloin and fillet tonight and honestly we have never tasted a piece of meat to compare… and we have eaten in some pretty top class restaurants.

-M. Getty, Belfast


The steaks were DOUBLE EPIC! For a sirloin, I couldn’t believe how tender it was… I didn’t eat any sauce with it. It just didn’t need it!

-M. Stubbs, Head Chef, Sleepy Hollow Restaurant

Ribeye Roast

Eating that steak must be what it’s like to win Olympic gold. Hard to get motivated for anything less exciting now.

-E.Holmes, Co. Antrim


The marbling of one of our first sirloin steaks is shown in the photograph. The intramuscular fat is high in Omega-3 and mono-unsaturated (good) fats.  This high degree of intra-muscular marbling leads to the wonderful full flavour and tenderness of the meat.  The level of marbling we are achieving on a mainly grass diet has been recognised as very good by international and local Wagyu experts. 

From June 2020 we have been selling our steaks, roasts and burgers from our farm shop. Coleman’s, our local garden centre with specialist farmshop stocking local produce, has also been selling our burgers.  

Please contact us if you would like to pre-order. We look forward to working with you and will do all we can to meet your requirements.

Why is Wagyu Beef so expensive?

Firstly, Wagyu cattle are slow growing. Many other beef breeds take as little as a year and three months from being born to being in the butcher’s shop. Wagyu generally take at least thirty months, often longer. (The steak in the photograph above was from an animal that was forty two months old). This means they need to be fed and looked after for much longer. They will also spend at least two winters in barns, where they need to be fed and cleaned out every day, all of which adds to management time. Additionally, at Riversdale we try to minimise the use of pesticides. Fields are not blanket sprayed for weeds every year, but rather every three or four years, with spot spraying used to try to keep on top of the worst weeds. Similarly, artificial fertilisers are not used as extensively as they could be, rather slurry and farmyard manure is used, and clover (which fixes nitrogen from the air in the soil) is encouraged in the fields (which is another reason blanket spraying is not used, as it kills clover).

Cooking methods

Wagyu beef is a protected national treasure of Japan. The breed’s unique genetics produce an exceptionally high level of intramuscular marbling. This creates a uniquely flavoured, tender meat, high in mono-unsaturated fat and omega-3. Many of the secondary cuts are incredibly flavoursome. Get adventurous; try experimenting with the less familiar…


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